"Laura is by far one of the best instructors I've had. She really pushes you beyond the limits of what you think your voice can do, but in an unconventional way that makes you want to try harder, and discover more. She helped me to realize my voice as being more of an 'instrument.' She is fun and energetic!"

                                                   ~Scott Sharon, Jazz singer

"Laura obviously knows the science behind singing. In the first lesson I was amazed at how many of the principles have helped me improve. Laura was able to explain the mechanics to me in various ways and with effective metaphors."

                                               ~Hugh Taft-Morales, Leader, Philadelphia Ethical Society

"When I started training with Laura, I noticed immediate improvement in my voice. Without her encouragement, I never would have stepped outside of my safe zone and started performing Musical Theater, something I don’t know where I would be without. My range and technique instantly grew and improved exponentially. I had taken voice lessons before, but nobody has ever encouraged me and pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone like she has. I was able to discover sides of my voice and new ways to improve it that nobody had been able to show me before. Training with Laura has been both helpful and amazing and Laura has made lessons enjoyable and helpful with strengthening exercises and amazing humor.
                                                          ~Tess Powell,  Age 16

"During the summer of 2015, my son was lucky enough to be paired with Laura Marshall for a week of Glee Camp. He came home from camp beaming from ear to ear and it was at that camp, he found his passion for singing. At the end of the summer, we enrolled him in weekly voice lessons with Laura and those short 30 minute lessons turned into the best part of his week…week after week. Laura has the unique ability to create excitement and fun- while the kids have no idea they are learning skills they will have for the rest of their lives. She is so engaged with the kids that it’s difficult to tell who is having more fun. For 30  minutes each week, Laura creates a safe, loving, exciting place full of singing and performing and at the end of each session, I am greeted by the happiest child while he counts down the days until he can work with Laura again."

                                                          ~Lori Levin, parent